Useful information – Romania



Romania is a safe country for tourists. For current UK Government travel advice, check: Foreign Office Website.


You will need a passport, appropriate travel insurance and your home-country driving licence (which you must have held for a minimum of 24 months). If not travelling from the UK or the EU, please check the status of your driving licence in Romania and any visa requirements.


The local currency of Romania is the Lei. There is no need to obtain cash before departure. Currency can be drawn from ATMs and credit/debit cards are accepted very widely.

There are currently 5.76 Lei to the UK Pound.


Romania has a typical Central European climate with distinct seasons. Summers can be hot, with temperatures regularly reaching the mid-thirties (ºC) in lowland ares, especially to the south. In the wonderful mountains we have an Alpine climate and the weather can be changeable, including summer thunderstorms. On tour we would expect temperatures from around 30ºC to as low as 8ºC over the high passes.


On all tours we advise riders to consider their kit in terms of layers. Good quality gear can also prevent a minor spill causing a trip-ruining injury, so we require that you ride with no exposed skin (except your face).


Your main luggage will be carried in a support vehicle and your bike will be supplied with a top-box in which to carry articles you need on the road. Your main bag must be ‘soft’ and not a suitcase. Critical documents should be carried on your body, not strapped to the bike.


This tour is not particularly demanding. If you have any existing medical condition, please consult both Blazing Trails and your doctor before booking.


While we insist those joining us have a full motorcycle licence, and recommend a minimum of two year’s riding experience, time in the saddle and miles ridden are of more relevance to any motorcycle adventure. We will be avoiding traffic where possible by avoiding major highways, but there may be some aggressive drivers encountered.


The standards in Romania are typical of Europe and not of any concern.


To check out our suggested packing list.