Romanian Bike Hire – Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of hire when using the motorcycles on our Romanian tours. To proceed with bike hire you must be over 21 years of age and have held a motorcycle driving licence for a minimum of 24 months. You must place a deposit of €500-€1500 (according to model) by credit card, with our Romanian supplier, with whom you will make this contract of hire under the jurisdiction of the Court of Brasov, Romania. This amount is your excess payment in the event of the bike being damaged while in the Renter’s care. If no damage occurs, the full amount will be refunded to the Renter at the tour’s end. In the case of damage to the bike, we will endeavour to produce an estimate as soon as is possible and the balance will be returned to the Renter as soon as this is done and the tour is completed. Below you will find the full terms & conditions under which you will be hiring the bike.



Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained elsewhere in this agreement, the Licensee shall be entitled to terminate this agreement in its sole discretion at any time by notice to the renter and/or driver and or representative of the renter and/or driver, whereupon the renter shall return the motorcycle to the Licensee upon demand.

In this agreement, unless the context indicates otherwise, the following expression shall bear the following meanings:


Means, Sku Adventures S.R.L, the company that owns the hire bike. 


Means the renter/hirer booking the bike through Blazing Trail Tours Ltd (UK).


Means the renter and/or the rider.


Means the motorcycle booked, or any other replacement motorcycle provided to the Renter by the Licensee, (including any documents, keys, tyres, tools and accessories supplied with the motorcycle).


Means the riding period as specified in the tour itinerary to which the rental pertains.


Means the amount the Licensee forgoes to the insurer in the event of a claim.

1.7  “PERSON”

Includes any natural person or legal entity. Any words importing any gender shall include the other genders and words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.


2.1  The motorcycle shall be at the sole risk of the Renter from the date and time of delivery of the motorcycle to him until the motorcycle is returned to the Licensee. The motorcycle shall be returned undamaged, in good order and in roadworthy condition, fair wear and tear excepted.


The Renter warrants that:

3.1  All particulars and representations given and made by the Renter are true and correct.

3.2  The signatory who signs this agreement on behalf of the Renter is authorised to act as such.

3.3  The Driver holds a valid driver’s licence for the motorcycle, has not been convicted of any criminal offence which resulted in the cancellation of his driving licence, will not drive the motorcycle under the influence of alcohol and has held a driver’s licence for a minimum period of one year.

3.4  Neither he nor the driver have defective vision, or have any undisclosed physical infirmity.

3.5  No person other than the Driver shall drive the motorcycle.

3.6  The Driver will lock the motorcycle and ensure that the keys of the motorcycle are properly controlled.

3.7 The Driver undertakes not to drive the motorcycle under the influence of alcohol (a zero-alcohol driving policy), or any narcotic. Should the Licensee believe this to be the case, this contract will be terminated immediately, without refund.

3.8  The motorcycle shall not be used or driven for the conveyance of persons or property for hire, in contravention of or in breach of any law, in any race, speed test or contest.

3.9  The motorcycle shall not be used or driven in any way which would constitute a breach of any of the provisions of this agreement.

3.10  No insurer or underwriter has ever declined his application for any form of motor insurance, cancelled his policy, refused to renew his policy or required an increased premium or imposed special conditions on him or the Driver.


Rental payments only will be made to the Licensee by Blazing Trail Tours Ltd (UK) on behalf of the Renter.


4.1  The cost of fuel supplied for the motorcycle by the Licensee will be replaced on a full-tank on collection and full-tank on return basis.

4.2  All fines, taxes, charges, levies and tolls payable by the Licensee to any authority arising out of the use of the motorcycle by the renter.

4.3  All and any costs, losses or damages incurred by the Licensee in procuring the return of the motorcycle to the terminating office described overleaf, or such other location as determined by the Licensee in its sole discretion.

4.4  All fines and court costs payable by the Licensee for any legal violation assessed against the motorcycle, renter or Licensee. A 25 Euro administration fee will be charged for the handling of motoring offences, at the Licensee’s discretion.

4.5  Any costs, including attorney’s fees (on an attorney and client basis), collection commission and tracing charges directly or indirectly incurred by the Licensee in enforcing any of its rights or recovering any amounts in terms of this agreement.

4.6  All costs incurred by the Licensee in repairing any damage of any nature whatsoever to the vehicle.

The Renter shall be bound by all and any of the terms and conditions applicable in terms of the Licensee’s standard motorcycle insurance policy (copy of which is available for inspection at the office of the Licensee).


5.1 The Renter indemnifies the Licensee against any claim by any person for any damage of any nature whatsoever suffered as a result of any incident involving the motorcycle.

5.2 The Licensee shall not be liable for any damage arising out of any defect in or mechanical failure of the motorcycle, nor for any loss of, or damage to, any property transported in or left on the motorcycle, nor for any indirect damages, consequential loss, loss of profits or any other damages which the renter or the driver or any person transported on the motorcycle may suffer arising out of this agreement.


10.1 If the motorcycle is involved in any accident or collision or is lost, or the motorcycle or any part thereof is stolen, or is involved in any incident which could prejudice the rights of the Licensee, the Driver shall take all such steps to safeguard the interest of the Licensee, including, but not limited to, the following where appropriate:

10.1.1 He shall obtain the name and addresses of everyone involved and of possible witnesses.

10.1.2 He shall not admit any responsibility or liability or release any party from any liability or potential liability, nor settle any claim or potential claim against or by any party, nor accept any disclaimer of liability.

10.1.3 He shall notify the Licensee as soon as possible.

10.1.4 Within 48 (forty eight) hours of the occurrence in question he shall complete and furnish to the Licensee the Licensee’s standard claim form.

10.1.5 Within 48 (forty eight) hours of the occurrence in question, he shall submit a copy of his driver’s licence to the Licensee.

10.2 If the Renter is not the Driver, then, without in any way derogating from the Renter’s obligations in terms of this clause, the Renter shall ensure that the Driver complies with all the provisions of these Terms & Conditions. If the Renter is not the Driver and the Driver does not comply with the conditions as set out, the Renter shall automatically become liable for all damages, including any third-party claims.

10.3 The Renter shall furnish the Licensee (and if the Renter is not the Driver the Renter shall also ensure that the Driver furnishes to the Licensee) any notice of claim, demand, summons or the like, which the Renter or the Driver may receive in connection with the motorcycle.

10.4 The Driver shall not be entitled to effect any repairs to the motorcycle whether mechanical, structural or otherwise without prior written consent of the Licensee.


11.1 The Renter acknowledges that ownership in the motorcycle shall at all times remain vested in the Licensee, or the true owner of the motorcycle and that the Licensee may at any time for any reason whatsoever re-take possession of the motorcycle on its own behalf or acting as a duly authorised agent for and on behalf of the true owner of the motorcycle.

11.2 The Renter shall not be entitled to cede or assign any of his rights and obligations under this agreement or to sublet or part with possession of the motorcycle, its tools or equipment or any part of it.

11.3 The cost of fuel is not included in the amount of the rental.

11.4 If the Renter is not the Driver, then, without in any way derogating from the Renter’s obligations in terms of this agreement, the Renter and the Driver, will be liable to the Licensee jointly and severally for any amounts owing under the agreement including but not limited to damages.

11.5 The Renter declares that he has not been induced to enter into any provision of this agreement upon any representation made by or on behalf of the Licensee with regard to the delivery time, the condition, quality, state of repair, performance capability, fitness or suitability for any purpose, of the motorcycle, or anything else whatsoever in respect of any of the matters above mentioned for any other purpose under this agreement.

11.6 Save as otherwise stated in this agreement any addition to or alteration of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon by the Licensee in writing.

11.7 Waiver by the Licensee of any breach of this agreement shall not prejudice any rights of the Licensee under this agreement.

11.8 The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Court having territorial jurisdiction over the parties, for all purposes under this agreement, notwithstanding that the subject matter or cause of action involved be otherwise beyond the jurisdiction of the said court.

11.10 The Renter chooses domicilium citandi et executandi for purposes of this agreement, at the renter’s address, or in the case of that address not being within Romania, at the driver’s given local address. The Renter agrees that the Licensee may provide this address to the police should the need arise.

11.11 By his signature hereto as the authorised agent of the Renter such signatory undertakes personal liability for the Renter’s obligations hereunder, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein.

11.12 Pictures on the Blazing Trails website are representative and may not be the actual bikes hired.

11.13 Should it be necessary to, for any reason, substitute the motorcycle during a tour and that motorcycle being of a lower rental value, then the Renter will be refunded the difference on a pro-rata basis. This constitutes the maximum liability of Sku Adventures and Blazing Trail Tours Ltd.

11.14 Neither Sku Adventures, nor Blazing Trail Tours Ltd, assume responsibility for loss, delay, damage or theft to or from luggage carried in support vehicles. Tour participants hand their luggage over at their own risk.

11.15 This document contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding the matters contained herein and the licensee shall not be bound by any undertakings, representations, warranties, promises or the like not recorded herein.

Useful information – Romania



Romania is a safe country for tourists. For current UK Government travel advice, check: Foreign Office Website.


You will need a passport, appropriate travel insurance and your home-country driving licence (which you must have held for a minimum of 24 months). If not travelling from the UK or the EU, please check the status of your driving licence in Romania and any visa requirements.


The local currency of Romania is the Lei. There is no need to obtain cash before departure. Currency can be drawn from ATMs and credit/debit cards are accepted very widely.

There are currently 5.78 Lei to the UK Pound.


Romania has a typical Central European climate with distinct seasons. Summers can be hot, with temperatures regularly reaching the mid-thirties (ºC) in lowland ares, especially to the south. In the wonderful mountains we have an Alpine climate and the weather can be changeable, including summer thunderstorms. On tour we would expect temperatures from around 30ºC to as low as 8ºC over the high passes.


On all tours we advise riders to consider their kit in terms of layers. Good quality gear can also prevent a minor spill causing a trip-ruining injury, so we require that you ride with no exposed skin (except your face).


Your main luggage will be carried in a support vehicle and your bike will be supplied with a top-box in which to carry articles you need on the road. Your main bag must be ‘soft’ and not a suitcase. Critical documents should be carried on your body, not strapped to the bike.


This tour is not particularly demanding. If you have any existing medical condition, please consult both Blazing Trails and your doctor before booking.


While we insist those joining us have a full motorcycle licence, and recommend a minimum of two year’s riding experience, time in the saddle and miles ridden are of more relevance to any motorcycle adventure. We will be avoiding traffic where possible by avoiding major highways, but there may be some aggressive drivers encountered.


The standards in Romania are typical of Europe and not of any concern.


To check out our suggested packing list.

Useful information – South Africa


You will need a passport and appropriate travel insurance. Currently UK citizens (and those from most countries) will be granted a tourist visa upon arrival. It is, however, your responsibility to check that you can legally enter the country. Most ‘western’ driving licences are also valid, but please also check your status before travelling.


You should be able to get by on around £600 spending money if you don’t do a lot of shopping/drinking and depending on tour-length. Cash and travellers’ cheques can be changed at the airport and in the larger towns. Cash points are widespread and most vendors accept credit/debit cards. Cash is best for fuel stations as it speeds up what can otherwise be a lengthy process. Depending on the tour, what bike you choose and how you ride it, expect to part with £150-£200 for fuel.

South African currency called rand. Today for £1 you will get 24 rands.


At the time of year we will be visiting, South Africa should be nice and sunny, but not too hot, even at the coast. Obviously, though, we can’t guarantee this and you should be prepared for the possibility of a couple of wet days. If it does rain in the mountains it can be a bit chilly, but not really cold. The maximum temperature is likely to be around 30ºC on the coast; the minimum 8ºC (at night in the mountains, if it has been overcast during the day).

Bike Kit

We advise riders to consider their kit in terms of layers, so you can adjust to be comfortable during the course of a varied day. Clothing as you would wear on a tour of Europe is perfectly suitable, whether leathers, or textiles. Some kind of waterproofing is a very good idea. Good gear can also prevent a minor spill causing a trip-ruining injury, so we require that you ride with no exposed skin (except your face).


While on some tours your main luggage will be carried in a support vehicle, you may wish to bring a small rucksack, or tail-pack (no tank bags) in which to carry articles you need on the road. Your main bag must be ‘soft’ and not a suitcase.


You need not be any more fit on this tour than if you were riding in Europe. However, if you have any existing medical condition that may affect you during the tour, please consult your doctor and Blazing Trails before booking.

Riding Skills

While we insist those joining us have a full motorcycle licence, and recommend a minimum of a year’s riding experience, time in the saddle and miles ridden are of more relevance to an adventures like these. There are some fairly long days in the saddle, up to a maximum of around 450km (280 miles) in a day. We do, though, try to design the tours so you get an easier day, or down day, after a long ride.

Health & Hygiene

South Africa is a very clean and hygienic country (we’d say more so than the UK), with clean ablutions in abundance, and safe tap-water, so the chances of getting even a ‘holiday tummy’ are low. South Africa has an extremely low incidence of Malaria – unheard of on our routes (bar NSA), but we still recommend that you ask your physician for advice on inoculations. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, it is essential that you consult both Blazing Trails and your physician before booking.

Eating & Drinking

South African restaurant food will be familiar to those coming from the West. Food is of a high standard and is very good value (especially meat and seafood dishes), being around half the equivalent cost of the UK. One of the world’s great wine producers, South Africa is a great place to sample the grape, which is also great value for money. Decent beers (mainly lagers) are available everywhere.

On our tours breakfasts are always inclusive. The meals will only be inclusive where there is little or no choice, or where we have arranged something special (barbeques etc). For the number of meals included in the trip, see ‘What The Tour Price Includes’ in the tour overview. We have arranged our tours like this, so participants can choose the whats, wheres and explore for themselves. Not everybody wants to eat in a group every night, eat the same thing, or at the same time. We will, however, be happy to advise on eateries and participants can always eat with staff if they choose to do so…


As with eating, we do not want to prescribe what non-riding activities you choose to participate in. In many places there are several options, so we will be happy to advise, put you in touch with the right people and let you decide.

Personal Safety

While South Africa has had some pretty bad press in recent years for violent crime, very little of this nature happens in the tourist areas through which we will be travelling. And, as ever, the media tends to sensationalize the bad and ignore the good. Being guided through the ‘right’ areas in a group greatly mitigates the chances of encountering unpleasantness. Petty crime – pick-pocketing and theft – happens, as it does in virtually all tourist destinations with a wide gulf between rich and poor. A few simple precautions, like keeping your wallet/docs in an inside pocket and leaving nothing unattended on the bike, should mean a trouble-free tour.

Medical facilities

Unlike our Asian tours, we feel South Africa has developed enough emergency services and an efficient private health-care system (along with European standards of driving) to mean that we don’t need to travel with a fully-qualified medic. Travel insurance, including medical cover, is compulsory on this trip.